Saturday, February 7, 2009

Old Tariffville Cemetery

In a quiet corner of St. Bernard's Catholic Cemetery in Tariffville, CT is the Old Tariffville Cemetary. Some state records refer to it as the Non-Sectarian Cemetery.

The graves of Robert and Delilah Holmes can be found here. Buried with them is:

  • James Holmes
  • Robert Holmes Jr.
  • Mary (McRoy) Holmes (wife of James)
  • Eliza Holmes (wife of Robert Jr.)
  • David H. Holmes (son of Robert Jr.)
  • Cyrus Holmes (son of Robert Jr.)
  • Melinda E. (Phelps) Holmes (first wife of David)
  • Hester (Brown) Holmes (second wife of David)
  • Marthy Holmes (sister of Delilah)
The inscription on Delilah's headstone reads: "We lay our bodies down to sleep. Peace is the pillow for our heads, while well appointed angels keep their watchful stations round our bed."

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Mysterious Marthy Holmes

The ghost of Martha "Marthy" Holmes has haunted us throughout our Holmes family research. While we may never know who she is, the following facts establish a connection to our ancestors.
  • A spinster named Mary Holmes arrived in New York aboard the Barque William and George on June 21, 1830. She was 45 years of age (making her birth year approx. 1785). Place of origin was Ireland.
  • Buried in the Old Tariffville Cemetery next to Robert and Delilah is a woman named "Marthy" who died 6 Sep 1846 at the age of 62.
  • (Daliah) Holmes, Ann Jane Holmes of Ireland and David Holmes of Michigan are named in the distribution of "Miss" Martha Holmes' estate.
We have been unable to locate a will, suggesting she died suddenly. The distribution of her estate was not finalized until two years after her death and was found in the "Christian Secretary" issue of 11 Sep 1846 page 287:

Distribution of Estate
Pursuant to an order from the Hon. Court of Probate for the district of Simsbury dated the 12th day of August 1848 to us directed for the distribution of the estate of Martha Holmes late of Simsbury, deceased. We have distributed sd estate in the following order this 25th Day of September 1848. George Sandford and David Holmes of Simsbury held a bond for $1000 pending distribution.

Set to DAVID HOLMES of Michigan one third part of the dwelling house belonging to sd estate situated in sd Simsbury in the village of Tariffville: $30.00
Set against note DAVID HOLMES of sd Simsbury balance due on sd note: $20.96
Carpet 1.00 1 Do. 4.00, 1 broom 00.8: $6.08
Total $57.04
Set to ANN JANE HOLMES of Ireland one third of sd Dwelling House: $30.00
Thomas Smart's note for $27.00
Set to DALIAH HOLMES the wife of Robert Holmes of Simsbury, one third of sd Dwelling House: $30.00 [&] lot of wearing apparel 2.10: $32.10
1 clock 1.50, 1 rocking chair 0.82, 1 table 1.00, 1 bedstead 0.75, 1 cloak 1.50: $5.57
Set crockery 0.34, 2 chairs 0.75, 1 bonnet .25, 1 turban 1.50, 1 band box .16, 4 shawls 1.00: $4.00
Pr sheets .50, 1 bed spread .42, 3 comfortables .50, 1 feather bed 3.00, cord 1.35: $5.77
Stove and fixtures 5.00, 1 bureau 5.00: $10.00
Total $57.04
Received in Court October 26th, Allen Penney, James Trainor, Distribters under oath

This Distribution of Estate suggests Delila was also a Holmes ... that the David Holmes we're searching for in Michigan is her brother ... not Roberts.