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Grandchildren of Robert & Delilah Holmes

Unless otherwise indicated, all of the following events took place in the state of Connecticut.

by William Holmes & Mary McCreary
  • MARY JANE HOLMES was born 5 Dec 1830 in Ireland and died 10 Dec 1866 in Suffield. She married George L. Reid, son of Samuel Reid Jr. and Eudocia Taintor, Feb 1850 in WHERE. He was born Dec 1823 in CT and died Dec 1861 in Suffield. Children: Mary E. and William H. Reid.
  • REBECCA S. HOLMES was born 27 Nov 1832 in Ireland and died 15 Jun 1915 in Suffield. She married Gamaliel S. Austin, son of Alfred Austin and Mary DeLacy Smith, 24 Oct 1850 in Suffield. He was born 15 Jul 1827 in Suffield and died there 16 May 1902. Gamaliel was appointed as guardian to Nancy J. Holmes (daughter of David & Melinda) in 1858. Children: Mary Isabella, Charles Francis, William Dwight, Gamaliel Edward, Elizabeth M., Robert Holmes, Frank A., Elizabeth Ann, Sibbia "Libbie" M. and Jane "Jennie" Rebecca Holmes.
  • ROBERT H. HOLMES was born 6 Jan 1835 in Suffield and died there 18 Jun 1856.
  • SARAH T. HOLMES was born 8 Sep 1838 in Suffield and died [a child] there 22 Oct 1838.
  • ELIZABETH M. HOLMES was born 22 Mar 1841 in Suffield and died WHEN in WHERE.
  • JOHN C. HOLMES was born 16 Nov 1842 in Suffield and died there 26 May 1872.
by William Holmes & Jane H. Austin
  • WILLIAM FRANCIS HOLMES JR. was born 8 Jan 1847 in Suffield and died in WHERE after the 1930 census, when he was living with his daughter Bertha. He married Alice Marion Loomis, daughter of Henry King Loomis and Hannah Grant, 20 Sep 1871 in Westfield, MA. She was born 25 Jan 1851 in MA and died in Westfield, MA before the 1930 census was taken. Children: Hattie Loomis, Bertha Josephine and Alice Mae Holmes.
  • LOUISE MARIA HOLMES was born 22 Mar 1848 in Suffield and died 27 Feb 1935 in Wilmington, VT. She married James Louden Hanchett, son of John Creighton Hanchett and Emma Barlow, 5 Apr 1883 in Suffield. He was born 15 Jan 1848 in Syracuse, NY and died 9 Aug 1923 in Springfield, MA. Children: James Louden, Juliet Emma, James Louden (2), Jenny Louise and Juliet Emma (2) Hanchett.
  • OLIVIA JOSEPHINE HOLMES was born 27 Jun 1851 in Suffield and died 28 Dec 1940 in Evanston, IL. She is shown on the 1870 census as living with her parents. She married John Jay Hanchett, son of John Creighton Hanchett and Emma Barlow, 27 May 1874 in Suffield. He was born 12 Jul 1851 in Syracuse, NY and died 8 Aug 1897 in Post Lake, WI. Children: John Creighton, Louisa Holmes, Leila Alice, William Francis and Harold Granger Hanchett.
by David Holmes & Melinda Phelps
  • DELILAH M. HOLMES was born 1837 in Tariffville and died 2 Jul 1869 in Windsor. She married John Burns II, son of John Burns and Mary A. WHO, 11 Sep 1856 in Bloomfield. He was born 1829 in MD and died 29 Sep 1895 in Windsor. Children: Mary "Minnie", Willie, Laura and John George Burns.
  • NANCY JANE HOLMES was born 1840 in Suffield and died 13 Mar 1868 in Windsor. She married Joseph J. Jones, son of WHO and WHO, 10 Oct 1859 in Hartford. He was born abt. 1835 in Windsor and died 2 Sep 1864 in Andersonville, GA. During the Civil War, Joseph enlisted in Company B Infantry Regiment CT 7 Aug 1862 and was wounded at Antietam, MD 17 Sep 1862. On 20 Apr 1864 he became a POW at Plymouth, NC and removed to Andersonville, GA where he died of disease. He is buried at Andersonville National Cemetery, GA (Grave #7570). Child: Carrie M. Jones.
by David Holmes & Hester Brown
  • DAVID HOLMES was born Mar 1847 in Simsbury and died [a child] there Sep 1847.
by James Holmes & Mary McRoy
  • JAMES ALEXANDER HOLMES was born 28 Apr 1838 in E. Granby and died [a child] there 22 Aug 1839.
  • ISABELLE EMILINE HOLMES was born 4 Jul 1839 in E. Granby and died 17 Apr 1907 in MI. She married Edgar C. Wheeler, son of Joel P. Wheeler and Julian A. Keeney, 5 May 1867 in E. Granby. He was born Oct 1839 in Manchester and died in MI after the 1920 census was taken. Children: Edgar Holmes, Harry A. and May Wheeler.
  • ROBERT JAMES HOLMES was born 16 Feb 1841 in E. Granby and died 23 Mar 1923 in Avon. He married (1) Martha Camp, daughter of Samuel Camp and Jane Tomlinson, 10 Nov 1868 in Plainville. She was born 7 Aug 1847 in Plainville and died 26 Mar 1879 in Plainville. He married (2) Catherine J. Burt-Herrick (widow of J.J. Herrick), 24 Dec 1880 in Plainville. She was born 10 Sep 1839 in Scriba, NY and died 2 Jan 1910 in Avon. During the Civil War, Robert enlisted as a musician in Company B, 16th Infantry Regiment CT 14 Aug 1862. He was captured at Plymouth late Apr 1864 and held prisoner at Andersonville, GA May-Sep.; a prisoner at Charleston, SC Sep-Dec and then Florence, SC; paroled 16 Dec 1864; and discharged 7 Jul 1865. Children of Robert and Martha: Samuel Camp, Alice Darrow, Robert "Bert" James, George Hiram and Martha Camp Holmes.
  • MARGARET ELIZABETH HOLMES was born 20 Sep 1842 in Tariffville and died 14 May 1906 in IL. She married James H. McNeal, son of WHO and WHO, 30 Nov 1871 in Chicago, IL. He was born abt. Sep 1845 in CT and died Jan 1913 in IL. Children: Charles Samuel, Edgar Holmes and Isabelle M. McNeal.
  • JANE "JENNIE" LOUISE HOLMES was born 7 Apr 1844 in Tariffville and died 21 May 1932 in Suffield. She married Charles M. Owen, son of WHO and WHO, 2 May 1865 in E. Granby. He was born abt. 1828 in Suffield and died there 9 Jun 1898. Child: Mary E. Owen.
  • THOMAS HENRY HOLMES was born 27 Dec 1845 in E. Granby and died 11 Jul 1907 in Middletown. He married Louisa A. Shaw, daughter of William Shaw and Louisa WHO, abt. 1882 in WHERE. She was born abt. Apr 1850 in Ireland and died WHEN in Middletown. Children: Annie "Bessie" M. and William S. Holmes.
  • SAMUEL DAVID HOLMES was born 27 Apr 1847 in Tariffville and died [a child] 3 Sep 1847 in E. Granby.
  • JAMES ALBERT HOLMES was born 9 Apr 1852 in Tariffville and died abt. 1933 in Longmeadow, MA. He married Minnie Louise Potter, daughter of Joseph M. Potter and Ann M. WHO, 1884 in WHERE. She was born abt. 1855 in CT and died 1937 in Longmeadow. Children: Harold Clifford and Maybelle Holmes.
  • MARY ELLA HOLMES was born 14 Mar 1854 in Tariffville and died 1921 in E. Granby. She married Charles W. Bates, son of William H. Bates and  Mary H. WHO, 15 Jan 1879 in E. Granby. He was born Oct 1852 in E. Granby and died 1922 in WHERE. Children: Waldo Holmes and William Edward Bates.
  • ALICE BURNETT HOLMES was born 27 Jan 1861 in E. Granby and died [a child] there 5 Aug 1863.
by Robert Holmes, Jr. & Eliza Ann Barrett
  • DAVID H. HOLMES was born 1840 in Simsbury and died there 10 Aug 1875. He married Sarah P. Burns, daughter of WHO and WHO, 27 Apr 1866 in Simsbury. She was born abt. 1848 in Thompsonville and died WHEN in WHERE. During the Civil War, he enlisted as a private in Company E, 10th Infantry Regiment CT 14 Oct 1861. He was wounded at Kinston, NC 14 Dec 1862; promoted to full Sergeant 7 Feb 1864; reinlisted in Company E 7 Feb 1864; promoted to full Sergeant 1st Class 1 Nov 1864; promoted to full Lieutenant 2nd Class 27 Jan 1865; and resigned Company E 30 May 1865. Sarah filed for his war pension 11 Sep 1886. Children: Ida Louise and David Holmes.
  • ELLEN ELIZA HOLMES was born 15 Jan 1842 in Granby and died 29 Apr 1924 in Holyoke, MA. She married Eugene Clydon Alderman, son of Clydon Alderman and Mary Ann Hatch, 22 Jan 1860 in Simsbury. He was born 18 Mar 1840 in E. Granby and died 3 Jun 1915 in Holyoke. Upon the death of Eugene, Judge Edward Holcomb Stiles wrote the following to Ellen's son George: "I have spoken of your father as the first of my youthful playmates. Your mother may be reckoned among the female ones. I am probably the only one living who knew well her father and mother. I recollect them as plainly as though they were before me, and also her brother David. Her father, Robert Holmes was an excellent and honorable man, as was her mother as a woman. He died in his prime while I was yet a boy. 'Little Ellen Holmes', how plainly I remember that dainty little girl as a child. Give her my love and ineffaceable remembrance." Children: George Perkins Bissell, Charles Eugene, Oliver Clydon, Henry L. Holcomb, Ellen Isabella, Carrie Lull, Eugene Robert and Mae "Mary" Eliza Alderman.
  • CHARLES ROBERT HOLMES was born 18 Dec 1846 in Granby and died 29 Apr 1928 in Springfield, MA. He married (1) Alice E. Lemley, daughter of Truman Lemley and Polly Mary Suriner, 20 Nov 1875 in Simsbury. She was born 29 Sep 1855 in WHERE and died aft. 1930 in WHERE. After their divorce, he married (2) Charlotte "Lottie" E. Minott 25 Dec 1882. She was born 22 Apr 1858 in Davenport, IA and died WHEN in WHERE. Child (1): Jennie A. Holmes. Children (2): Sadie Belle, Charles Alexander and William R. Holmes.
  • CYRUS E. HOLMES was born 15 Sep 1849 in Granby and died [a child] there 17 Sep 1849.
by Rebecca S. Holmes & William Henry Remington
  • WILLIAM HENRY REMINGTON JR. was born Nov 1849 in Suffield and died [a child] there 28 May 1852.
  • REBECCA JANE REMINGTON* was born Feb 1853 in Suffield and died there 18 Sep 1921. She married Horace D. Austin, son of Benjamin Austin and Mary Hale, abt. 1873 in Suffield. He was born 23 May 1859 in Suffield and died there 23 May 1936. Upon the death of her mother, Rebecca was raised by her Aunt Jane Burnett. Horace remarried to his first cousin, Sarah A. WHO in 1854. Children: W. Burnett and Isadora A. Austin.
by Jane Holmes & Appleton Burnett
  • No children of their own. But after the death of Jane's sister Rebecca Remington, they took in and raised her daughter Rebecca*.
by Elizabeth "Eliza" M. Holmes & Oliver Pomeroy II
  • CHARLES G. POMEROY was born 13 Feb 1847 in Suffield and died there in Dec 1866.
  • JANE "JENNIE" E. POMEROY was born 5 Aug 1853 in Suffield and died at childbirth.
  • LUTHER O. POMEROY was born May 1857 in Suffield and died there in 1928. He married Ida May Gardner, daughter of Josiah A. Gardner and Lucinda M. WHO, abt. 1883 in WHERE. She was born Aug 1886 in Suffield and died there in 1933.
  • ELOISE D. POMEROY was born 22 Nov 1859 in Suffield and died [a child] there in 1864.
  • SUSAN ELOISE POMEROY was born 17 Nov 1863 in Suffield and died after the 1900 census for Derby, CT. She married John L. Ingraham, son of WHO and WHO, 28 Jun 1893 in WHERE. He was born May 1864 in CT and died WHEN in WHERE. (They had one son born 11 Nov 1897 who died 1897.)

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